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What have we got here then?

Windows Technical Reference - Here you'll find articles detailing how to perform various tweaks to Windows to improve performance/security/reliability, guides to installing Windows to be a half-decent operating system without a shedload of security holes, that sort of thing.

Amiga - My little Amiga news and views section, Amiga-related links, etc.

Random - Miscellaneous, whatever you want to call it.  "Stuff" goes here.   Mike's ramblings, etc.

My Business - I'm self-employed.  That is my business's website. Computer maintenance, private tuition, and various computer-related services.

About - this website.  Acknowledgements, etc.

Links - Links to well-designed, good-looking, standards-compliant websites (aka. "reasons to get a decent, new web browser"), as well as others I recommend.
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Home - Home.  Right back to this page again.