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Standards-compliant websites that qualify as Art.

I don't mean the heading in a pretentious way, though I feel that well-designed sites not only look good, but are handled well by the browser, as opposed to sites that just work with one, and/or perform a load of bad hacks which affect the site's browsability.  The first time this was really brought home to me was with's 'Complexspiral demo', which I saw soon after I first began to use Mozilla as my primary browser.  More on the subject of standards-compliancy in my about section.

Still a 'work in progress' I guess.  I'm working on it!, lots of cool page design examples there.  I pilfered the 'Complexspiral Demo' design for my business website., another site with lots of cool page design examples., some good designs in there, probably palettable to corporate types as well., someone else's index of well-designed sites :-)