Windows Tech Reference

There is no substitute for a decent install and configuration of the OS.

Who is this information intended for?

People who know what they're doing with Windows, for reference use. Having said that, we'll (myself and people who contribute to this part of my website) aim to provide accurate information that spells out how to configure things in a sane fashion, and not miss six steps in-between, "assuming you knew that". Unless the bit "assuming you knew that" really is, blindingly obvious.

A few things to note before you go delving

Files from the article library will either have been written by me, people I know, or copied and pasted from websites. If they're the latter variety, their source URL will be quoted at the top of the page. You may ask what the point is in this, there's two: First, I want to use this part of my site as my own personal reference, so I don't want to spend an age downloading site structures of other peoples' sites, and second, other websites are at liberty to change their site structure at any time. I don't want to have to keep checking URLs to make sure they haven't expired. It also means that the data will be in roughly the same format all the time, instead of users being at the mercy of badly-designed websites and dodgy font usage. I think that I'll be keeping all the articles in plaintext with sensible text-wrapping as well, but this might change. I'll see how things go on this one.


Information from this section of this site should be used with care. This is a disclaimer to say that if you didn't realise something blindingly obvious (like say, removing the IISADMIN service manually from the registry stops IIS from loading properly!), and doing something one of the articles says breaks something horrendously on your system(s), don't come crying to us!

On the other hand, this isn't a disclaimer to say that we are just going to blindly put stuff up that might screw up non-obvious things. We'll do our best to point this out in the articles, and constructive feedback is always appreciated. Idiotic feedback is never appreciated.

[Constructive] Windows AdminCentral feedback should go to mike dash wac at mikeymike dot org dot uk, please.  Non-constructive feedback should stay in that head of yours :-)