Mike's general stuff ~ Random

IT'S BEEN A WHILE since I last did an article on here, but alot has been going on with 'stuff' generally :-)

Some random hardware upgrades resulted in my PC having a GeForce2 GTS graphics card and a DVD-ROM drive. Which was nice. What is annoying is that the DVD-ROM drive is a little 'unstable'. What's nice is that Acer technical support seem to be not a bad bunch as tech support groups go :-)

I've removed the Amiga section from the site, because, like this section, I don't update it very often. Not that I update this site very often either, but the Amiga section less so :-( I wonder if the Amiga will ever kick off in any recognisable form again. I hope it will, because there are so many things that I like about the Amiga that aren't worth losing for anything. It has things that other operating systems don't, like a decent software community that produces easy-to-use friendly and efficient software, unlike the elitist Linux community, or the non-existent community that is the Windows community. Admittedly my job is a Windows sysadmin, but hey. Just because I admin it, it doesn't mean I have to worship it

As I've said a few times, I hope to be able to give more time to this site's development. I've recently changed server over to an NT-based one that I admin myself, which adds a bit more in the way of options then the previous arrangement.