Group Policy

How to get up the group policy for any Windows NTx machine, regardless of the machine's role or product type (except WinXP, which has been hobbled to not allow system configuration through this sometimes handy component).

Start > Run > MMC
Console menu > Add/Remove Snap-in
Group Policy
choose the object you wish to make changes to (if it is just your own workstation, then 'local computer' is what you want)

You can save the MMC file if you want, that doesn't save the settings you've made to the group policy, but the MMC file config (the fact that you've set up a group policy object, do you want to access this easily in the form of a crunchy config file or do you not mind having to go through accessing the group policy object in the way already described?). Settings changes to group policy, like say the registry, are made immediately on a local machine. Domain admins should be aware of propagation times for policies.

Some useful settings in there, have fun. But bear in mind that group policy is built with system config automation in mind primarily, it allows the saving of a load of settings to be 'one-click applied' to another machine/installation.

I use it for two settings on my home machine, one to stop user profile unloading from taking ages, and the other to disable active desktop and save memory.

Modified: 04/08/2004, Mike Coppins.
Tested on: WinNT4, Win2k.