Install IIS SMTP mailroot to a different place

As most people know, you can change the paths for IIS ftproot and wwwroot, however MS don't give you an easy way to change the mailroot (I don't know if this works for NNTP as well, it might do), so here is my method:

The installation for IIS SMTP asks IIS (if it already installed) where the wwwroot is for the default website, and then installs in a place relative to that. So therefore:

"I want mailroot to be dumped on my ramdisk, which is Z:\", so therefore, I create an inetpub dir on Z:\ (optional, but you'll get the drift), and a wwwroot dir in there, and point default website to that wwwroot dir. The directory structure can literally be anywhere in the filesystem.

The installer will create the mailroot dir structure for you.

Modified: 19/05/2003, Mike Coppins.
Tested on: WinNT4, Win2k.