The Amiga section - My Amiga

My present Amiga hasn't been upgraded very much, compared to people who use their Amiga as their primary computer. Its specs are as follows:

Model: Commodore Amiga 1200
CPU: Motorola 68040 CPU+FPU, running at 40MHz
64MB RAM (I think I've managed to use about 5MB of that at most at any given time :-))
Kickstart 3.1 ROMs
PCMCIA modem and network cards
Amiga -> VGA adapter
AmigaOS 3.1

I have software like MUI and MagicWB installed, I use YAM for my email client and I use either Voyager NG 2.95 or IBrowse 2.2 for web browsing. I've got a load of other software on there as well (yes, it is all legal!).

The main thing 'holding my Amiga back' is the graphics hardware in a stock A1200 (Ok, so we're talking 1992 hardware). I generally have two 'screens' set up to switch between, both at 640x480 resolution, the desktop set to 8 or 16 colours, and the 'internet' screen set to 64 or 128 colours IIRC. The problem is, to upgrade the graphics hardware, I need to do a string of other upgrades first, and at the end of the day, it's not worth my money. I'm waiting for the AmigaOne to be released with AmigaOS4 (officially expected March 2003, I reckon that'll slip to April or May), so then I have new hardware that could certainly do anything I'd need it to do without problems, with the (at least from the way things are looking at the moment) exception of games.

One thing my Amiga notably sucks at is MP3 playback :-) It can handle 56bkit stereo mp3s fine, but anything more than that is baaaaaaaaaad :-)