The Amiga section - My 'past opinions'

This page is here to seperate my opinions about the old or "Classic" Amigas, and the general situation surrounding them, from my opinions of "Amiga at present". Amiga fans can then read this bit if they want to, instead of reading through long ramblings about the history of Amiga in articles for "Amiga at present" :-)

I used to have an Amiga section on this site a couple of years ago. Even though I don't generally update this website very often at all, I updated the Amiga section even less. The main reason for which I suppose is the fact that I don't use my Amiga that often anymore, the reason for that being that to upgrade it to (what I'd regard as) a reasonable spec would probably cost the same as buying a cheap PC, and I don't have that kind of money to freely spend on it.

Considering the spec of my Amiga, it can do a good deal more than your average PC user would have thought possible. If my PC were to die, my Amiga would make a minimal but functional replacement, with a decent email client (YAM), and a semi-decent web browser (IBrowse), and most of your standard office-type applications. The main thing I like about it is the responsiveness of the user interface generally, and that the operating system design allows you to do very flexible things. Things like volume handling, which have only been included in Windows with the Windows 2000 release (volume handling - a Windows example would be something like making C:\WINNT\TEMP into another drive, say Z:\, and for no compatibility issues to occur as a result. On AmigaOS, you can assign a volume name to any directory, have apps call it from that volume name, and it will work perfectly). AmigaOS has been doing this as far back as 1985 with AmigaOS 1.2 (which came with the Amiga 500), and probably earlier but I can't say for sure.

Other thing I like is being able to allow any application to draw its own display at its own resolution and colour depth. On low spec hardware this is a godsend. For example, in Windows terms, your main desktop screen could be a very low resolution and colour depth, say 640x480x16 colours, but as you want to be able to use your web browser at a higher resolution and full colour, you can set up a preference for that application to have 1280x1024 @ 32-bit colour.